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Tanera Camans Sticks

A selection of Tanera Camans shinty sticks to suit all ages and abilities.

Tanera Camans are Scotland’s leading shinty caman manufacturer. A quintessential Highland product, crafted in the heart of the Highlands with care and attention from the best possible materials, to provide the modern day shinty player, young and old, attacker or defender, with the finest implement with which to practice his or her craft on the field of play. Now the stick of choice for players in the MOWI Premiership and beyond

Always remember that a light caman is easier to handle than a heavy one, because it allows for quicker movements and does not make exacting demands on stamina.  Always try to keep the caman dry and after a game it should be wiped clean with a cloth and then rubbed over lightly with a little raw linseed oil.  When not in use the caman should rest or lie in a cool dark place.

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