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Shinty Sticks Factory Seconds


  • A Selection of Shinty sticks factory seconds, slightly defected but fine for a hit about amongst friends
  • 45 inches long
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Shinty sticks factory seconds.  These Shinty Sticks Factory Seconds are new but have slight blemishes or marks on them ideal for a hit about among friends.


How to order: 

Select an option from the drop down menu, select your quantity then add to cart.

When placed at the side of the player a caman should not be above the top of the player’s hip.

Order the closest size up and cut down to suit, we recommend leaving a few inches in length for kids to grow into.



Always remember that a light caman is easier to handle than a heavy one, because it allows for quicker movements and does not make exacting demands on stamina.

Always try to keep the caman dry and after a game it should be wiped clean with a cloth and then rubbed over lightly with a little raw linseed oil.

When not in use the caman should rest or lie in a cool dark place.



Postage will be calculated at checkout where you will only be charged for the most expensive postage item so additional items maybe added at no extra cost.

For example, it would cost the same amount to post 1 shinty stick as it would 2 or 3, additional grips or balls could also be added for no extra cost charged at the large parcel flat rate of £13.98


Local pickup:

Local pickup available from Inverness, once your order has been placed we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.


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