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Shinty World the official retailer of Tanera Camans, Scotland No.1 for shinty.

At Shinty World we stock a range of wooden shinty sticks and indoor shinty sticks to suit all ages and abilities. A selection of shinty balls, PRO shinty balls, play shinty balls for indoor and out, plus a range of shinty accessories bags, grip, tape, glue and water bottles. Gifts and clothing: a selection of shinty books, shinty medals, shinty trophies, mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, artwork and silver wear. Training Equipment: with cones, markers, referee whistles, shinty protective equipment, shinty helmets, shinty gloves, shin guards and groin guards.

Always remember that a light caman is easier to handle than a heavy one, because it allows for quicker movements and does not make exacting demands on stamina.  Always try to keep the caman dry and after a game it should be wiped clean with a cloth and then rubbed over lightly with a little raw linseed oil.  When not in use the caman should rest or lie in a cool dark place.

For club orders please contact us direct.

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