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1996 Scottish Cup Final

2nd prize also receiving 6 Tanera Camans and 6 Play Shinty Balls goes to the collective efforts from St Columba’s Primary School in Oban. We received a total of 31 entries from the School, 15 from the P5’s, 7 from the P6’s and 9 from the P7’s, all celebrating Shinty in Oban and in particular the forever inspirational story of Gordon MacIntyre. The P5 class all came handwritten with a drawing on each and looked fantastic, the judges were impressed by this whole school approach with the stand out article from Ellie-Mae p7 published below.

St Columba’s Primary School

St Columba’s Primary School originally opened on the 27th August 1946.  St Columba’s later moved to Oban Primary Campus alongside Rockfield Primary School.  The current car park used to house old St Columba’s Primary School. The schools have separate teaching areas but share a gym hall, multi use dining hall, administration office and playground.  The school currently has a roll of 180 pupils from primary 1-7. There are currently 23 staff including additional support assistants, classroom assistants and clerical assistants. The school is a Roman Catholic school and serves the catholic population of Oban and beyond there is also many other faiths in our school.

St Columba’s Primary School Shinty Team

St Columba’s Shinty Club was formed in 1981/1982 after some pupils most notably, Donald MacVicar “moons” asked the school secretary Mrs Cameron to start a shinty team. The Oban Celtic manager Duncan (who was Mrs Cameron’s Husband) came on board. St Columba’s Shinty team was successful in the 80s 90s and 00s and won multiple Mackay cups, national and local six aside tournaments along the way. The team stopped for a couple of years, and at the end of the 90s was restarted in 2000 by Andrew MacMillan and Alec MacVicar (a former pupil) Alec and Andy coached the team for 14 years until the School lost the team again for a few years until its current resurgence. Towards the end/middle to the end of Alec and Andy running the team, St Columba’s also won a few girls tournaments. The school produced many top Shinty players who competed and then followed on to win all of the top prizes and Shinty. Many players both male and female have also represented Scotland at youth and senior levels.

1996 Scottish cup final

Are you interested in Shinty? What is Shinty? Where did it start? Well I’m about to tell you. Shinty is a team sport. Played with a stick and a ball and it started developing as a sport in Scotland.  These competitive matches used to take place on special festival days such as New Year’s Day or Christmas Day. At that time there were no written rules. Living in Oban Argyle Shinty is a very well known sport and there are 3 Shinty teams in Oban like : Oban Camanachd Shinty club, Celtic Oban Shinty club and Saint Columba’s Shinty club.  Looking at historical events, the Oban Scottish cup final 1996 is a good and well known one. The Oban Camanachd Shinty team have only won it three times in 100 years.

Shinty has brought more people together in our community because people that don’t usually go to games or watch sport watch the Shinty. Shinty is very important to the community and Scotland because it first started here and it is especially popular in the Scottish Highlands.

On the day, they were ready but nervous when they arrived they got off the bus and walked into the stadium they got ready – strips, studded shoes and put their game faces on.

They made their way onto the pitch extremely nervous, but they knew they were ready. All around them were filled chairs, big scoreboard, everyone cheering they knew this was going to be an intense game.

The game had started the ref blew the whistle and they all raced across the pitch to get an early lead with many chances to score. Kingussie had the early lead. Within only 30 minutes, Ronald Ross and Ally Borthwick had made it 2-0 to Kingussie.  The nerves were bouncing up and down, round and round, side to side in the manager’s stomach, he was nervous! But on the other hand, the players weren’t nervous at all, they were ready to win. 

Everyone was excited when whoosh, that was a goal to them then minutes later another goal it was 2–2, the atmosphere was – intense, hopeful, anxious and excited!

Gordon MacIntyre

Then the AMAZING!!! last goal was scored with teamwork from Dougie MacIntyre he managed to collect the ball midfield. Then passed it to David Maccuish, who did a great pass to Gavin Blainey. Gavin finally passed it to Gordon MacIntyre  (who is Robert MacIntyre‘s uncle) he then fired the ball home. It was truly amazing! Only seven weeks before he had lost an eye in a match.

Kingussie tried hard to beat them but the ref blew the whistle and Camanachd were crowned the champions.

Now they had their win in the bag, the Camanachd team joined Kingussie boys for a final reception at Inverness townhouse before getting on the bus to go back.

A minute before midnight, all the supporters, fans and pipe band congratulated them when they were at the bealach righ.

Ellie-Mae p7

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