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Games and sports in the services in India 1945

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No efficient army, of course, ever underrated the value of personal fitness. Sport, in various forms, has had a long life. Hunting and polo belong to the ancients rather than the moderns. Chivalry has its tournaments in between battles. The British archer, paved the way to many a triumph by Hokusai voters local competitions. Fisticuffs and rough and tumble games helped to toughen the rank and file even in Victorian days. Much more, however, was needed when half of the British nation suddenly felt the call to become soldiers, sailors or airmen. These men brought with them interests and enthusiasms strange to Army routine. Sportsmanship, none-the-less, was inbred and widespread and, somehow, it had to be harnessed to the atmosphere of the barracks, the gymnasia. The gutted camps and, last but not least, the battlefront wherever it might be.

Section 116. Shinty

Implements – walking stick with right-angled or square handle.Ball – Hard rubber, slightly smaller than a hockey ball.Goal – Two sticks or stones, or other objects. 8ft. apart. For a goal to count, the ball must pass between the posts not higher than the goal-keepers shoulder.Players – Six to eleven per side, according to size of field.Rules – (a) No striking circle or 7 yds. Line. (b) Both sides of stick allowed for hitting (c) Goal-keeper may not kick the ball though he may use his feet for stopping the ball.

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