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Clansman Playing Shinty

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  • Print illustrated by Robert R McIan 1845
  • Polcore ornate swept antique picture frame
  • Print No frame 420 mm x 297 mm (A3)
  • Gold frame 510 mm x 410 mm
  • Gold frame white mount 610 mm x 510 mm
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Each frame comes with an MDF backing board and is ready to hang, fitted with a High Clarity Styrene Shatterproof Perspex Sheet, making it durable and lightweight. The moulding is made from polcore.

The Grants of Glenmoriston

The figure has the hair clubed, or glibed in the manner represented in some prints of the old Black Watch, the precursors of the 42nd Highlanders. He is in the attitude of throwing the ball, at the commencement of the game of Camanachd or Shinnie, as it is named in the low country.  This exhilarating amusement is very popular among the Highlanders : two opposing parties endeavour by means of the camac or club, to drive a ball to a certain spot on either side, and the distance is sometimes so great, that a whole days exertion is required to play out the game.  A vigorous runner, it is obvious, has a great advantage : but agility is not the only requisite ; great skill in preventing the ball being driven to the desired goal is necessary, and many awkward blows and falls take place during the contest. Different parishes frequently turn out to try their abilities at this exciting game, and no better exercise could be enjoyed in a winter day.  When there is a numerous meeting, the field has much the appearance of a battle scene ; there are banners flying, bagpipes pealing, and a keen melee around the ball.  Young and old, rich and poor, join in this athletic sport, and though it is usually engaged in, con amore, prizes are frequently contended for.

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