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Protective Helmet CPVR (adults)


Size – 22″-23.5″ (558mm-596mm)

Adjustable – Ratchet system allows players to make micro-adjustments on the fly. The no-nonsense, all business and crazy simple fit lets you focus on the game-action instead of your equipment.

R-Series Shell – Features FreeFlow venting to keep you cool in sweaty situations and brings an unmatched level of style and speed.

Chevron Mask – Provides increased downward vision by incorporating a slight V shape in the center of the latitude bars. Say it with me – “Ground ball Advantage!”



The most popular helmet on the market for advancing youth players and adults is the CPV-R helmet. There is a simple pinch mechanism in the back which will let you further adjust this helmet once you receive it. These CPV-R helmets are here in stock at Shinty World available in white.

This piece of equipment is intended to protect against scrapes and bruises. It is not intended to protect the wearer from all injuries but designed to limit them against major impact. Wearer should inspect this piece of equipment before wearing to ensure it is in good condition and free from wear and tear.

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